Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lets Talk Healthy Boobs

We all want our cleavage to look fabulous and in some instances, we just want it to be cleavage at all... 
How many of us know that by doing so we might be harming the health of those very boobs whose cleavage we want to look nice?


Growing up in a time where the only options were a underwire bra or a sports bra that flattened out your boobs into the horrible uniboob, I am so happy that not only are designers making bras without underwire, they are making them pushups and great to look at!!! 

The concept of an underwire can be traced to an 1893 patent that describes a breast supporting device using a rigid plate under the breasts for stability. The modern underwire bra was designed in the 1930s, and gained widespread popularity by the 1950s. As of 2005, underwire bras were the largest and fastest growing segment of the bra market. 

The breast can be compared to a rubber band, I know that sounds bad... but the more weight that is attached to it, the further the rubber band will stretch.  Over time the rubber band will get thinner. The breast ligaments are similar to a rubber band.  (now you will all be thinking bouncing rubber boobs every time you go bra shopping)

By supporting your breasts and taking the weight off those ligaments, you may see the breast begin to adhere back to the chest wall. In addition the tissue that has been misplaced will get the proper blood flow to rebuild. A small busted woman needs just as much support as a large busted woman. She will often wear a padded bra that gives her a false front, but also flattens and spreads her breast tissue over her chest wall and impedes circulation through the tissue. Often glandular tissue is cut off from the main tissue mass inside the bra. The separation of the breast can cause mastitis or other health problems during pregnancy or lactation. There is little or no support for the tissue. 

One important reason for not wearing a constricting bra with underwires especially to bed, is it prevents normal lymphatic flow and can lead to anoxia (lower than normal oxygen content); much the way your feet and ankles can swell when you sit for a long time. This has been related to fibrosis, which has been linked to an increased risk of cancer. Likewise women who exercise have a lower risk of cancer.

Underwire bras are occasionally linked to other health conditions including breast pain, mastitis, and allergies. Many health professionals claim that underwire bras, like other constrictive garments, may also contribute to clogged milk ducts in lactating women.

Underwire bras can rub and pinch the breast, causing skin irritation and breast pain, and the wire of a worn bra can protrude from the fabric and scrape or cut the skin. When the fabric of worn bra exposes an underwire, skin contact with nickel and other metals may cause contact dermatitis in a few women. Some acupuncturists oppose underwire bras in the belief that the metal wires cross the body's meridians, obstructing the flow of energy or qi.

Of course, if you love attention lots of attention... you might want to know that women wearing an underwire bra have in a few rare instances been subject to extra scrutiny when their bra set off metal detectors at security checkpoints in airports or prisons. 

And in the event of a shooting some goods news for the underwire bra... there have been a few recorded incidents where the underwire deflected a bullet or other weapon that struck the woman's chest.

With the new popularity of the bra without an underwire becoming increasingly popular, designers are flocking to design the best bra.  I recommend the TOMgirl Apparel bra.  It pushes up the cleavage without feeling stuffed, it has a velcro closure which is perfect for the lady who has any weight fluctuation or just likes the ease of velcro versus the tiny metal hooks from 1890...  On top of all of the benefits, is the fact that it is extremely comfortable!!!  Every lady should have at least one of these great bras!  Especially if we want stop the bouncing rubber boobs! ;)

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Gotta make sure my girls are happy and healthy!
Go healthy cleavage!



  1. Oh my. I did not know any of that about underwires! TOMgirl may be getting a visit after my next paycheck...

  2. Excellent information but these girls have been in underwires so long we just can't abandon ship!

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  4. comfort and health, both so very important!