Friday, August 9, 2013

Fall Fashion Trends

This year is all about funky and cute!

A must have for this year is distressed skinny jeans!!!  All young girls need a pair of distressed skinnies.  Paired with another trend for fall, the ankle boot these are the go outfit for all young ladies. 

Wear your skinny jeans with a flowing blouse and a embossed bag!   Accessories.... you say?
Well... its back to the 90's!  Perfect circle shades!
Turquoise is a huge trend for jewelry this fall.  Pair your outfit with funky bangles and necklaces.

Hand painted anything is a huge trend!! 
All the celebrities are doing it.  They are all over the runways.
Painted dresses, painted shoes, painted handbags, painted jewelry!!  They are all a must.

Young ladies are trying to show their creativity through their clothes.  Getting a painted piece shows what their passion is as you can customize it to whatever you want!
So you can't afford a painted dress.... buy painted accessories.  There are plenty of great accessories that you can buy already painted or have custom made.

Finally plaid... lots of plaid!
Cute little blazers are also a huge trend... so wear two trends in one!  Buy a blazer in plaid and rock both trends!

If you love plaid... remember you can wear more than one plaid pattern, but they must either be the same colors with a different pattern or contrasting colors in the same pattern.

So take the the latest trends and mix and match!
Go rock it ladies!!


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