Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Return of the Sea Lions

The Return of the Sea Lions

For a week I had been hearing a colony of sea lions barking across the Bay and although I had viewed them from the dock I also was eager to observe them from the water however the weather was not cooperating with my plan.  The winds had been playing havoc on the waters and the temp was near freezing so I waited impatiently for the weather to be more agreeable for a paddle.

Yesterday was picture perfect! 

The sun was shining, the winds ceased blowing, the water was flat and my kayak beckoned me. 

Each year the sea lions come for a visit.  They just inexplicably appear, stay for a couple of weeks and then depart as mysteriously as they arrive.   These winged foot mammals are enormous and I find them extremely fascinating.  I paddled very close to the dock for a close up picture but as soon a huge bull started barking and dove (well actually plunked clumsily) into the water near me I quickly back paddled and gave them lots of room.  I am not keen on doing water ballet with one of these huge guys!

Top Sea Lion Facts

       ·        Sea Lions enjoy relaxing and basking in the sun

·        The males are called bulls and the females are called cows

·        Males are massive and can weigh from 1,500 pounds to 1 ton in exceptional cases and can also be up to 11 feet long

·        Females are smaller with an average weight of 700 pounds

·        Female Sea Lions become part of a harem with a male that protects them

·        They give birth to pups, which are born on land and can weigh up to 50 pounds at birth

·        A Sea Lion is able to dive up to 600 feet for food in the water

·        They can remain under the water for up to 40 minutes before surfacing for air

·        They can swim at up to 25 miles per hour but generally they only move about 10 miles per hour unless they feel threatened

·        The average life span in the wild for a Sea Lion is 20 years

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author:  Trish (BlackCrowCurios)

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