Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Shopping My Closet

I received a compliment from a friend the other day on the outfit I was wearing.   When she asked where I got it I replied “I shopped my closet”. 

My friend asked where this shop was located and I repeated to her that what I was wearing came from my closet and that I had just “shopped my own closet”!

I explained further that I was not working much these days, basically just delivering some part time Training.  
I was transitioning into retirement mode and trying to cut back on spending and part of my restraint program involved a personal challenge to stop buying unnecessary clothing. 
I have always loved fashion and take great pleasure in shopping for clothes.  The result was a closet bulging with so many items I had a tough time finding ‘anything to wear’! 

New items would be purchased and added to the already overflowing closet and although I did on rare occasions clear out that which I didn’t fit or wear much I knew that I had more than enough to wear without buying more. 

Shopping, although fun and therapeutic at times, had become a costly habit for me! 

My closet is not large and yet it isn’t too small either but I knew it wasn’t more space I needed. 
I needed to organize the space I already had.  This would aid my motivation to ‘shop my closet’ instead of a store.  I devised a plan to clean out my closet and organize it in a way that I could clearly see and find outfits that I actually wore.  In the past I had thought about removing seasonal clothes however it seemed like too much work at the time.  In spite of this I started with the removal process and I eventually removed EVERYTHING with the intention of only putting back what I actually wore regularly!

Having freed up some space allowed me to spread out my outfits and be able to clearly see what I had available to wear.  I tried on everything and if the buttons were bulging or the waistline too tight they were sent off to the Thrift Shop.

I found things that I had forgotten I had.  I discovered ‘shamefully’, outfits I had never worn. 
I had more than enough to wear and the best things were jammed in where I couldn’t even see them!

So now that I have completed this mountainous task I can ‘shop my closet’ and revisit items that are like new.  
So take a peek in my closet and think of me the next time you say “I have nothing to wear” and consider “shopping YOUR closet”!
Author:  Trish Repay (BlackCrowCurios)
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  1. I BADLY need to do this to my closet. I blame it partially on the fact that a square closet, however large, leaves you with nothing but corners to wedge clothing into. I never see it again; I have to remember what is where. However, I'm betting it's not *really* the square's fault entirely.... I'm inspired!

  2. I agree, totally! I'm trying to lose a few pounds, so I'm not going to get rid of my bulging button items yet. ;) I'm going to use that as motivation to lose the weight because I, too, am on a limited budget for buying clothes.

  3. Having less in my closet really helps me find those outfits that I actually want to wear that were hidden before!

  4. Love it and totally agree. I tend to be really good at getting rid of things though, except those I really like...even if they ARE too tight.


  5. I agree Debora, sometimes we hold onto things that we just love to look at and that's ok too!