Thursday, April 25, 2013

All About Style...

Hello to all our lovely readers!

Looking back over our posts, I realized that we are a super diverse group of ladies with unique interests, personalities and creative passions.  Being a unique and diverse group means we also have unique style; this is how we show the world around us who we are.

My style reflects who I am as a person.  My style is reflected in what I wear, how I communicate and in the things I enjoy.  I am both extroverted and introverted (yes you can be both!); creative, outgoing, colorful, reckless, thoughtful, reserved, spiritual, cautious, compassionate and analytical.  Of course I am many other things too but we don't have all day. :)

Fashion and accessories are two of my favorite ways of expressing myself. I love combining colors and patterns that are unexpected!

When I get to put on clothes and accessories that make me look good, I automatically feel that much better about myself.  "But WAIT!" you say... "clothes DO NOT make the person... do they??"  Of course not; if you are not a good person a stylish outfit isn't going to change that.  "Hold on a second!" you say... "are you saying I have to wear those pants/shoes/shirts/colors to be in fashion?? If that's the case, forget it, that just isn't me!"  Ummm no. The golden rule of style when it comes to trends: wear what is appropriate for your body type, lifestyle and personality!  If you work as a kindergarten teacher, wearing 4 inch heels or short skirts probably isn't going to work for you.  That being said, there is no reason to go to work (or anywhere really) in clothes that are ill fitting and/or inappropriate.

If you want respect, you need to respect yourself and appreciate and celebrate who you are!  For most people, taking care with your appearance and doing nice things for yourself helps you feel and look more confident.  Going back to my original point about style; we are all unique in who we are and we need to be true to ourselves.  Use your style to decide how you want to portray yourself to the world around you.  Pay attention to yourself and treat yourself with the respect by having great style; if you do that, everyone else will too.

Thanks for reading!

Merry W. (This Merry Life)


  1. Style is important. Some days I have great style...others I go for comfort. MY comfy clothes have no style whatsoever!

  2. I enjoy style and like Debora I also enjoy comfort! For me the two go hand in hand as I see no reason why my stylish fashions can't be comfortable also. Look good - Feel Great!