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Many skills are required to become successful in sales. Etsy sellers require creative skills, marketing skills, time management skills, search engine optimization (SEO) skills, sales and customer service skills, and social media and technology skills. And yet all these skills pale in contrast to perseverance, which is the one skill that often, makes up for our deficiencies in other areas.
Having perseverance allows us to be successful no matter what obstacles are placed in front of us.  It isn’t a cake walk to meet sales and marketing challenges head on while wading through the competition and dealing with customer service issues.  And yet many of us know what we need to do and yet we simply don’t do it.

We sometimes spend our time looking for an easy way out rather than using the path of determination and perseverance and doing what we need to do even when we don’t feel like doing it.  We want to achieve multiple sales, lose weight or get rich instantly! We want immediate gratification and we don’t want to do the painstaking, persistent and thorough work that it takes to achieve these successes. 
I personally believe that the ability to persevere is the key to success in all walks of life. Remember the children’s storybook about “THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD?”
Talk about determination and perseverance!
I’ve been married for a large number of years and if anyone were to ask “how have you hung in there for so long?”  I would of course first reply that being married to such an wonderful, easy-going, lovable man makes it easy; however I also sincerely believe that having the ability to persevere is also very critical!  In the best of marriages you have your moments when it just seems like too much work and it would be so easy to say “adios my fine fellow” but by persevering through the hard stuff you reap amazing long term rewards. 

We need to practice at being determined and persistent. Whether it is simply exercising, learning a new skill, staying in a relationship or working diligently on our SEO, we need to resolve that we will persevere until the task is completed or we are satisfied with our results and ready to move on. 
Desire may be the key to motivation, but it’s through determination and perseverance while in pursuit of our goals that enables us to attain the success we seek. Perhaps the best technique to conquer the skill of perseverance is to just start. Sometimes just beginning a task is often the most difficult. However once you begin, you pick up the drive that leads to your success and accomplishment.   

Many of us remember being told when we were young that “a job worth doing was worth doing well” followed up with “do it well or don’t do it at all." Perseverance, in my humble opinion, is the one skill that guarantees your success!
What do you think? 
Which skill do you consider to be of importance in attaining success in life?
Author:  Trish (BlackCrowCurios)


  1. I am one who definitely needs more perseverance! Sometimes on somethings I have enough perseverance to "win". Most times on most things...not so much! I start second guessing my self and my goals, thinking maybe I should re-evaluate (give up). Thanks for these timely words.

  2. Debora I totally 'get that'
    Also knowing when to stop and redirecting your energy is so important!