Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Coastal Dream

There has always been a part of me that has felt a connection to the coast, the ocean, the beaches, the sea. I love the calming sound of waves lapping onto the beach; the smell of salt in the air and the singing chirps from seagulls. I long for the beautiful blues and greens of the sky and water and the soothing, warm, soft sand under my feet. I want to be sporting cool, casual beachwear, to go shopping at quaint beachside boutiques, and to go out for lunch and cocktails at an open air restaurant on the water with my husband. Who wouldn't, right? Too bad I live in Minnesota! I do love it here, but my dream is to own a cottage on the East Coast someday. I can picture everything from family fun and romantic evenings on the beach to crazy, wild, girls' weekends. I'm not exactly sure where this cottage will be, but I know what it will look like. It's been in my mind's eye for a long time...

Ideally, it will look a lot like this, except instead of tan with white trim, it will be a warm gray with white trim. Of course there will need to be some really comfortable and casual outdoor furniture, such as upholstered rattan pieces and Adirondack chairs on the porches. And I'm guessing the Mr. will want a fishing boat and other water sports stuff parked in that little garage under the front porch. Wait, no, no, no. That stuff will go out back or somewhere else. That little garage will house my brand new charcoal gray Jeep Wrangler. Silly me!

The "back yard" will look a lot like this. Soft, tall, blowing grasses flanking a long boardwalk out to the beach. YES! This is where we will collect sea shells and set up beach towels at dusk while enjoying a glass (or five) of wine or beer and unwind from a long day at work. This is what I will walk out to when I need a break from work, which, by the way, will be located on the top floor of the cottage:  My own studio where I will design and assemble my wares. When our kids have families, this is where they will come to visit and vacation. I'll have my girlfriends over for long weekends and bonfires at night on the beach. This is where memories will be made with our family and friends.

Of course, A beach cottage isn't complete without a fresh and casual interior. I see a white envelope - walls, built-in cabinets, some furniture; with accents of shades of blues and greens to bring the feel of the ocean and sky inside. I want my kids and future grandkids, family and friends, to feel at home and relaxed when they come to visit. It will feel comfortable, bright, and energetic during the day, and cozy, warm and peaceful at night. It will be a retreat and a home at the same time.

This is my idea of a living/family room. Energetic, eclectic, casual.

And a soft, soothing and romantic master bedroom...

and a light and airy dining room with a view of the ocean. is my coastal dream. I already feel relaxed and refreshed, and - even though I'm sitting in my suburban Minnesota townhome on a cold, rainy, spring night - I can smell the ocean breeze, hear the singing seagulls, and smell the salt in the air. It's time to wake up from my dream and face the daily grind and get to work. How else am I going to reach my ultimate goal? Well, I have to dream big!



  1. Heather dreams do come true!

    Like you my dream has always been a cottage by the sea and a number of years ago I actually wrote out my dream as you are doing here and placed it in a box. It took some hard work and planning however I am happily living my dream in a cottage by the sea as you will also one day. Dream your dream into a reality!

    1. WAAAAAY cool that you are living your dream!

  2. I have always wanted to live in one of the round ones that look like truncated light houses. :) I suppose it would be sort of tough to decorate circular rooms though.

  3. I just came from the beach and you have now extended my stay! Lovely home you have dreamed/planned. Trish...way cool that you are living your dream!

    The beach was great but by the last day, I was tired of the wind. Is it always windy at the beach? And do the eastern seaboard beaches do the same? I was in the gulf.


  4. No, it isn't always windy on the beach, just depends where you are, Debora and where I live on Vancouver Island, BC there are days you are wishing and hoping for a breeze...