Monday, May 13, 2013

Style – House Style

Personally, I have little or no style – clothing wise that is.  I totally believe in being comfortable…and have not always pulled that off stylishly.  You could probably say I dress like your typical stay-at-home mom…well typical in Arkansas at least.  In winter - jeans and sweater (light weight of course), in spring and fall – capri pants with cool sandals, summer – shorts and tanks with more shorts and more tanks.  For those of you who don’t know – it’s awfully dang hot and humid in south Arkansas in the summer.

But my house now…I have always had a stylish house.  I’m fairly certain my husband and I buy and remodel houses just so I can decorate.  LOVE to decorate.  When we had been married a little over 4 years, we bought a house that is about 4 sizes too large for us.  It needed a lot of tender loving care, and the plan was to remodel, decorate, and resell.  Seventeen years later we are still living here, because I can redecorate anytime I want just my rearranging who is sleeping in what room or what a room is being used for.  Plus, now that we've been here this long, we have WAY more furniture than I want to move to another houseJ.

Ever fear you are turning into your mom?  Well, in many ways I could totally benefit by being my mom…but she has no house style.  Here’s her style: 

ugly early American.  REALLY ugly.  I was so proud of my mom last year when she decided to remodel.  Unfortunately, she just remodeled right back to NEW ugly early American. Remember Hurculean? YUK.

A readying nook/library - so me!
I've always liked many different types of style – ultra modern, French country, mid-century sleek.  But I find that I end up decorating in more of a transitional style.  I love to find an old piece of furniture and put a totally modern fabric on it.  Or take an abused piece of mid-century furniture and paint it high gloss black.  Here are a few pictures of rooms you might find in my  house...if I took pictures.
Not my exact hallway but pretty close.

I just love this painting.

My dream dining room...
My current kitchen looks a lot like this...I just need more window.

A bedroom to dream dreams in!

You can see more of my particular style on my pinterest board:

My style is an expression of my emotions via my house.  I like things organized and clean…if only I could convince my family to feel the same J.

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